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Unlock the power of relationship-led sales

The best salespeople in the world understand that relationships are everything.

CoSell gives you the tools to make the most of existing connections, grow your network, and celebrate more wins.

Accelerate deals. Increase pipeline. 

Compared with cold outreach, relationship-led sales teams see:




So why is cold outreach still a thing?

While the value of warm intros is widely understood, many companies struggle to implement deliberate processes around relationship-building, eventually falling back to old tactics that don’t convert.


That's where CoSell comes in.

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Tap into your existing network

Many sales professionals live on LinkedIn, and we’re not out to change that. Our Chrome extension sits on top of LinkedIn to help identify mutual connections, and kick off powerful intro collaboration workflows without shifting context.

Send lightning-fast intro requests
99% delivery-rate through email verification
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Operationalize your outreach

When it comes to building relationships, there’s no replacing the human aspect of networking. We offer repeatable processes that help salespeople be more consistent, intentional, and efficient with their efforts.

Craft templated requests and forwardable content
Participants can opt in with a single click
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Close more deals, faster

Existing go-to-market channels are oversaturated and falling flat. The strongest channel, relationship-led, allows you to reach your prospects in the most strategic way to beat your competition in every deal.

Say goodbye to endless "email tennis"
Monitor the lifecycle of each introduction

Relationship-led success stories

CoSell is a brilliant platform to organize your intro efforts. We've closed over $80k within 3 months and have a lot more in the pipeline from intros made on the platform.

Portrait of Evan Huck
Evan Huck

CEO, UserEvidence

The impact has been phenomenal. The leads we are getting are warm and ready to go. This is the future!

Portrait of Guarav Bhattacharya
Guarav Bhattacharya

CEO, Involve

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