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The Relationship Platform

Unlock the power of relationship-led growth

CoSell helps you and your team reach the people you want to meet, 10X faster



Thousands of introductions made for companies like:

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The numbers don't lie


Higher win rates


Faster conversion


Lower CAC

Save time with operationalized intros.

  • Quick and easy intros with automated workflows
  • Crowdsource intros with your inner circle 
  • Connect 1:1 and double-opt-in contact sharing

Uncover relationships to meet your goals.

  • Discover relationship strength among connections
  • Smart, super fast filtering 
  • Get alerts of new intro opportunities

Get intros where you work.

  • Get & offer intros on one unified platform
  • Integrate CoSell into your daily workflow 
  • Sharable links unlock intros off platform
Why CoSell?

Leveraging relationships for sales and business development isn’t easy. You're stuck manually combing through mutual contacts, playing "email tennis" 🎾 and measuring success in a spreadsheet.

CoSell is like Slack for unlocking relationships. Find and connect with the people you know and trust in just a few clicks, and bring them into your 'circle.' If they’re not on CoSell yet, we’ll roll out the red carpet and get them onboarded at no cost to you or them 🚀🚀. 

How does it work?

CoSell is super easy to get started:

  1. Build out your private circle or join a circle that already exists in a couple of clicks.
  2. Offer and request introductions for sales, hiring, fundraising, and networking from the people in your circle.
  3. Collaborate, communicate, and track progress as introductions take place.
  4. Measure outcomes and celebrate success when introductions result in a new deal or influence in an account. 
Who can I use it with?

Invite the people you know and trust that have an invested interest in your success and vice versa. Most people on CoSell today are founders and GTM folks. However, you can invite whomever you'd like: your executive team, advisors, partners, colleagues, investors, and friends. 

How do I get started?

Today, CoSell is 'invite-only' as we want to be intentional about who joins the platform and how they derive value from it. If you would like to apply to join, please do! If you aren't accepted right off the bat, you will be added to our waitlist and will be able to participate as we roll out access to more people.

How much does it cost?

We offer a free version of the platform for folks just looking to start leveraging the power of relationship-led and paid tiers depending on circle size. 

The relationship platform

CoSell is invite-only