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How it works

Here's what a typical intro request looks using CoSell and LinkedIn.

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Identify your prospect

The Chrome extension supports both traditional LinkedIn search and Sales Navigator, so you can start from either place. To line up an intro, first filter down your LinkedIn network to 1st-or-2nd-degree connections. When you find someone you want to get in touch with, click “Get introduced” to queue them up.
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Choose a mutual connection

Once you’ve selected a prospect to meet, the extension will automatically bring you to a list of mutual connections. When you find the person you want to make the introduction, click “Request intro” and confirm your selection.
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Front-load your outreach

To streamline the introduction process, you’ll add your messaging for everyone involved all at once: first, you’ll reach out to the person making the connection. Next, we’ll ask for a note for them to forward on to the prospect (optional, but strongly encouraged). If you need help formulating your message, CoSell includes some basic templates to help get you started.
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Let CoSell work its magic ✨

After you submit an intro request and CoSell verifies the email addresses, the request is sent to the person making the introduction. Once they agree to make the intro, CoSell will send the request to your prospect for them to accept. You'll be able to track the request at every step along the way.
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Get introduced

Once the prospect accepts the introduction, you’ll both automatically receive an email connecting you. Because of CoSell’s double-opt-in process, you can rest assured at this point you’re reaching out to someone who’s interested in your message. From there, it’s up to you!

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