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Our mission

We believe that relationship-led growth is the future.

It’s time to face the dark truth: our existing go-to-market channels are oversaturated, resulting in diminishing returns.

Leveraging relationships to reach the people you need to grow your business isn't easy. You are stuck manually combing through mutual contacts, playing "email tennis," and measuring success in a spreadsheet.

That's why we're building CoSell — not just a platform for GTM folks but a platform to make entire organizations successful by going relationship-led.

Our values

Play to win
We hold each other accountable for doing our best work. We put the collective goals of the team ahead of the individual ego.
Relationships first
In a world that has become digital-first, we strive to put the human connection first in everything we do inside and outside the company.
Find the way
We are solution-oriented. Even when our first approach doesn't work, we believe it's always possible to progress or improve.
Keep it real
We work with honesty and integrity. We avoid corporate BS and recognize good ideas, no matter who they come from.

Our team

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Pete Ryan


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Brendon Cassidy



Tyler Lagaly

Head of Design

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Jacob Reiff

Head of Product

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Andrew Wei

Head of Engineering

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Poya Osgouei


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Harry Marshall

Sales & CS

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Rachael McNeil

Product Designer

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Hoshang Jehangirji

Marketing Manager

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Pedro Borges

Software Engineer

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Hallef Santos

Software Engineer